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Dia do Cafe!

May 24, 2013 – 10:24 am |

Today in Brasil, it’s National Coffee Day!  Feliz dia do cafe a meus amigos brasileiros!

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There is a lot of choice when it comes to living in Buenos Aires. This section is devoted to the different neighborhoods of Buenos Aires and different places to stay – whether you are in a hotel, apartment, or penthouse suite.




what makes living here so great? there’s art, people, music, nightlife, and much more. Click here to find out what to do and see in Buenos Aires.


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this focuses on all aspects of life, from the places that we live in to our lifestyles, health and beauty choices.

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Marcos Tango

July 17, 2012 – 12:06 pm |

I’d like you to see a photo. A friend of mine took this beautiful photo that was entered into a photo contest, and unfortunately disqualified for not following the same type of portraiture as August Sanders, a photographer known for taking portraits with people looking directly into the camera.  One could argue, that the eyes looking into the camera would be implied in my friend’s photo. One might also argue that August Sanders didn’t ALWAYS have the subject/s looking directly at the camera. Read the full story »

Candy Pharmacy!

July 14, 2012 – 10:00 am |

Meanwhile, in Palermo…
pasaje santa rosa 4985

Best Banana Chocolate Muffins Ever…

July 12, 2012 – 5:16 pm |

My husband insisted that I bake for him on Monday.  So I’m finally getting around to sharing this delicious treat that I made.  We had some excess bananas, and although my recipe calls for white …

Bi-Annual Taxi Fare Hike

July 11, 2012 – 7:13 pm |

I’m beginning to get the feeling that I’m experiencing Deja Vu.  In February of this year, taxi prices rose about 20%. Now, last week, in an effort to make someone 25% richer, a fare increase …

Mandrillo Buenos Aires

July 10, 2012 – 4:49 pm |

My husband is an architect. He’s also an artist. He also loves to build and create and imagine and he never ever stops. Ever. Anyway, I’ve been at him to take some photos of his completed projects. I’ve been working on his website, Estudio Bertolini and want to get some nice shots of some of his projects.

Clothes. Decent and Cheap.

November 13, 2010 – 5:36 pm | 3 Comments

Surely if you’ve been here for a while, you’ve noticed the price of clothes rising constantly.  When I first came here five years ago, tops, skirts and dresses were reasonably priced for the quality of …

My Afternoon Nap

November 13, 2010 – 1:09 am | 2 Comments

Okay, so as most of my friends and family know, I’m pregnant. I actually have a bit more time to myself right now as I’m trying to stay rested. So this gives me some time to catch up on Buenos Aires Style – and talk about a lot of things old and new!

Missing in Action

July 4, 2010 – 10:21 am |

I know that I’ve been missing in action – sorry about that, but I’ve got so much going on right now and so much to share!  First of all, we moved.
Things were getting a little …

Independance Day Pubcrawl Tonight

July 3, 2010 – 3:17 pm |

This year’s celebration offers traditional American fare: hamburgers, hot dogs, and cold Budweiser; a sharp contrast to the usual Argentine pizza and Quilmes beer. And what is a 4th of July celebration without fireworks? Sparklers and American flags will be supplied to the attendees. With the combination of good ole’ American food and fireworks, one can’t help but feel right at home.


February 15, 2010 – 5:18 pm | One Comment

Even though the taxi prices in Buenos Aires are rather inexpensive compared to other world capitals, they still go up every once in a while.  Well, every year to be exact.  Every year since I’ve …

My 2009 in Pictures

January 12, 2010 – 5:16 pm | 6 Comments

So here’s a little photographic tour of my highlights of 2009.  It’s where I’ve been, all the things I ate and drank, who was there and even a few of the things that I’ve baked.

Ahh, the Married Life…

December 3, 2009 – 5:17 pm | 5 Comments

So as you may have noticed, I haven’t been writing a lot in the last few months.  But I have an excuse peoplezzzzz!  I got married.  My parents and a few really special friends came …


November 24, 2009 – 5:28 pm |

I don’t know why sustainability isn’t a big thing here – we live in such a tropical climate that seems to get worse year after year.  But then again, the word “sustainable” often gets confused …